Processor of top quality frozen fruits and vegetables

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On the market since 2009

Years on the market

We obtain fruits and vegetables for individual orders of our clients from domestic suppliers. We make every effort to ensure that the goods offered are of the highest quality and meet the restrictive standards set by the recipient countries.

We constantly monitor the quality of the delivered products, through the developed system of quality control.

We can get any product you need
from all over the world in a quick time and good price

Our products are appreciated all over the world. Over the course of more than a dozen years in the market, we have developed long-term relationships with many partners and suppliers on five continents and in dozens of countries around the world.

Fast, precise and effective optical lasers for food sorting

  • They provide a high degree of safety for the produced food
  • They maximize productivity while reducing waste
  • Thanks to them we get higher productivity and throughput when sorting large quantities of product
  • They guarantee high quality of the final product
  • They minimize energy consumption

Individual freezing using IQF tunnels and stationary freezing

  • Each piece is frozen individually and without clumping
  • Efficient, fast and energy-efficient freezing

Modern industrial parks and production lines

  • We have increased the flexibility, efficiency of production and its safety. We can more efficiently and flexibly change the assortment and shape of product
  • Increased efficiency of production costs while maintaining the highest and repetitive quality of manufactured products

We care about our business partners and the environment

We guarantee jobs and safety

We provide work for people, a market for farmers and local buyers. We provide our partners with stable cooperation.

Professionalism and timeliness

In cooperation, we focus on a professional approach. We monitor all stages of the process on an ongoing basis to keep to the agreed deadlines.

We focus on long-term cooperation, trust and transparency

We provide our partners with transparent and mutually beneficial terms of cooperation. We take care of the highest quality and safety of products confirmed by system certificates BRC, IFS, GLOBALG.A.P., HALAL, Eco-production, FDA.

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